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The name of the street is an interesting and controversial issue: the founders of the neighborhood have decided that the "Benjamin" after whom it is named will be the one who will help finance its construction. If the Jewish National Fund helps, the street will be named after Benjamin Zeev Herzl. If Baron Benjamin Edmund de Rothschild helps, the neighborhood will be named after him. Since in the end no one helped, it was decided that the street would be named after the tribe of Benjamin.




Florentine was born in 1864 in Thessaloniki, to Jacob and Sol, in a wealthy family from Florence (the origin of the family name),Over the years he gained status in the Thessaloniki community and influence in Greek government circles.In 1924 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and together with other merchants who immigrated from Thessaloniki, bought land in the area that later became the Kiryat Shaul neighborhood. he began building with David Abarbanel a neighborhood north of Jaffa, the Florentine neighborhood. The houses were sold at relatively low prices, to needy Jews - mainly members of the Spanish community in Jaffa.


Moshe Montefiore loved the Land of Israel with all his heart . Montefiore visited Israel seven times between the years 1827-1875. The last time he visited the country, he was 91 years old. He donated huge sums to build homes for the poor in Jerusalem, helped build synagogues, established a Hebrew printing house in Jerusalem, supported charities, was responsible for building the famous building on the grave of Rachel, established new neighborhoods in Jerusalem (such as Torah houses near Yemin Moshe) And raised the structure of the Western Wall.



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